Thursday, January 28, 2010

Post #998 - closing in on 1,000 posts

Only took me more than 3 years. Well, that's a bit less than one post a day, so I guess it's neither wimpy nor excessive.

Rough day today.

I tweaked a nerve in my back last night just stretching and so didn't sleep well and woke up even stiffer this morning, one shoulder higher than the other and unable to turn my head very far to the left. I felt a twinge under my right shoulder blade every time I moved my right arm.

So The Toddler caused me to spend almost 5 minutes changing her diaper and I yelled, so DH got up - bloody miracle, really - and I ended up leaving her here while I drove the boys to school. I don't have to look over my left shoulder too much on the way there, but managed it, then called my chiropractor as soon as I dropped them off. He told me he'd be in his office at 10 anyway to do paperwork and to come in.

So I come home and soon get a snotty, sarcastic call asking where I am because there's a field trip. Uh, we filled out those forms 2 months ago, right? Would you mind giving us a head's up the day before? My fault that I didn't have it written down, but I usually write that I'll drive if they need me, because all I have is a small car and I can't attend half of the actual events because I'll have the toddler in tow.

So I go to the chiro and we catch up and he tries to make my legs the same length again and then improves my mobility in my upper back with the pop heard around the world.

So I come home and there's a message from my sister that my dad is in the hospital again because he fainted again, just like he did last year.

So I talked to my sister and my mom. And we still don't really know why, so he's having more tests and at least it's not a blood clot or something from his knee surgery a week or so ago.

And DH tells me he won't be home until extremely late because there's this monthly meeting he goes to.

So I finally get DD down for a happy nap and finally lie down with my neck on a rolled-up towel and an ice pack under my upper back like I was supposed to do 2 hours before.

Oh, and I've been comfort eating. A lot.

And then I forgot DS1's karate gear so he'll have to go tomorrow.

And then pretty soon the boys are screaming and wrestling and running and fighting and I told them to get off of my bed and out of my room about 5 times and they were still szcreeching and kicking and rolling around and yeah, I totally lost my rag.

And then DS2 was totally not even trying to read what he needed to do for his spelling homework. And now instead of doing his math, he's bouncing a ball off the wall.

And did I mention that I have PMS?


Anonymous said...

Poor you. I totally heard the pop from here. And, I think given all the stuff you had to deal with the PMS could have gone without saying. You definitely don't have days like that when you can HANDLE it with grace. Hang in there!

CK said...

((((hugs)))) hope the boys wear themselves out and you get some peace!