Sunday, January 31, 2010


Well, I got almost to the end of the book I started during last November's Nanowrimo. It needs a bit more at the end. I'm sure it also needs a lot taken out and fixed in the middle.

I am re-reading it in a quick pass-through to figure out what it is that it needs at the end and make the most glaring corrections (Apparently, I couldn't make up my mind how long the heroine had been working as a nurse) and to think about the structure, etc.

Then I am going to either write the last chapter or make some notes for it and then put it away for a final edit of the book I'd like to shop around this year - Victoria and Henry's book.

Once I've done that and a query letter and found some agents to send it to, I need to get serious about editing the book I wrote in the middle of last year - Anna and Delaney's.

And only then will I pull this one (Lavinia and Franz) out again and do the hard work.

Oh, and I have some ideas for more books....

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Liza Lee Miller said...

You DAZZLE me, Phyllis! You really do dazzle me.