Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NaNo and my life

I hit 75K yesterday and am now looking around and everything else I need to do.

DS1 has his red tip test (pre-test, I guess you'd call it) for his junior black belt on Friday. And he hasn't finished all the home stuff he was supposed to do, so unless his moves are completely flawless, he's not going to make it. He can do it in the spring and maybe he'll understand that he has to start early...

I keep meeting with my critique partners (the new one and the brand new new one) and this is the 2nd week in a row that I have nothing for them to read, really. I have to bang out a new ending and some edits to a book that one of them read for me. I also need to finish reading the stuff they gave me last week. So I shouldn't be on the internet.

And 2 parties this Saturday, then no parties at all after that, I don't think.

And Xmas shopping out the yinyang.

And some sewing. Poor DS2 has almost no long trousers and there are some in my sewing heap. Plus warm PJs for those who wear them and maybe a fleece for the boy who doesn't, because he needs jackets, too.

Right. Off to get the toddler down for a happy nap.

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