Sunday, October 31, 2010

NaNo is tomorrow!

Which means that Halloween is today!

The kids are ready, I guess. I'm not. I wore my "human" t-shirt to the Harvest Festival, so maybe I could put that on again.

The school's Harvest Festival was Friday. Here are my lovely children ready to head out.

Ninja and Beaver again.

Ninja, beaver, dinosaur enjoying an unhealthy snack.

We did the haunted house (pirate ship theme this year. I loaned them my pirate shirt and vest, so I don't have a costume) first and then DS2 started insisting he wanted to go home already. DH had dropped us off and had gone to do an errand, with the intention of coming back and hanging out with us. By the time he got there, we were all pretty much ready to go.

This morning in a "ponkin" t-shirt.

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