Thursday, September 9, 2010

Making pizza.

So. Last Friday, DS1 was given an assignment to plan a dinner and cook it. I found out about it on Tuesday night. I made DS1 sit down and look at a website with recipes. He took almost 3 hours to find a recipe for pizza and write down the ingredients.

I said sorry, I don't make pizza dough from scratch, buddy.

We went to Trader Joe's on the way home from school on Wednesday and bought a couple of blobby bags of gooey TJ's pizza dough, some grated cheese, and some frozen vegetables.

And with the TJ's spaghetti sauce with some tomato paste mixed in to make the sauce, it was really good.

The helper


Cheese pizza baking

Pepperoni and half mushroom waiting to bake.

A small interlude as we wait for the pizza to bake.

And still interlude.

And revenge (interlude)

And dinner!


It was really good, too.

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