Sunday, August 15, 2010

writing again

not very quickly, but school starts in a week. What I am doing is taking a story I started a few months ago (turmoil in Louis XIV's France) and then got stuck on. I have plotted it out now, moving the existing scenes around within the first half and then making notes on missing scenes and thinking it through from there.

I started this because I know the story is in there, I just have to get it out of my head and on the screen. Maybe this way, I'll have fewer useless scenes to cut. Maybe.

I also started to get serious about it because I had a new idea come to me, a sort of vision of the heroine's brother as he is confronted by his late wife's cousin at a siege in Franche-Comté.

(commence eye-glazing) It was a rather quick campaign in 1668 related to the War of the Succession between France and Spain. See, Louis married his 1st cousin (on both sides - they had all their grandparents in common. ew.) a Spanish princess who had a claim to the throne. They signed away the right to the throne in return for a huge dowry from Spain.... which was never paid. Nothing like cheating your own nephew for kicks! Louis then went and started conquering a bunch of Spain's possessions, like the Netherlands and Franche-Comté. Which happens to be the part of France that my husband's from. (/eye-glazing)

Anyway, he's there on a mostly useless, marginalized campaign, and his dead wife's cousin shows up, saying someone tried to kill his daughter. Oh, and she's so myopic, she's practically blind, back then when they didn't have eyeglasses. And I plotted it out after writing a couple of scenes and then figured I should really finish this other book first...

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