Monday, April 19, 2010

Written yesterday and never finished:

My head feels all funky today from all the pollen and lack of sleep and the chocolate I ate earlier and consequent insulin crash and so on. Three-fourths is pollen, though. So instead of doing any substantive work, i am going to ramble for a bit.

DS1, the fourth grader, has finally finished and done his report on the San Miguel Arcangel Mission, which is apparently a statewide curriculum requirement. I know more about it than I ever hoped to know, though I'm not sure if he does.

Next up is cleaning up the report and presentation for the science fair, which is coming soon. *sigh*

DS2 is reading so very very much better these days that I am thrilled to pieces. Still maybe not up to grade level, but getting close. He tends to know his spelling words until the test rolls around and then he spells them the same random way he did at the beginning of the week.

Neither of the boys is getting all of his school work done in class. They could be seriously good students if they would work faster and not get distracted all the time.

The Toddler is amazing. She's running and climbing and jumping so hard to keep up with her brothers. she's also talking more and more.

And then today - good book group last night. It was a bit of a progressive party, because we tried to go to a place in El Dorado Hills that has usually been open on Monday evenings and it wasn't. so we went another place, where the guy announced that they were closing at 8, which gave us time to get drinks to go. We ended up in a supermarket coffee shop. but we talked a lot about the book (The Invisible Wall by Harry Bernstein) and about other stuff and stayed later than usual.

and it's raining, so it's wet and chilly, but the air is getting cleaner.

and i went and worked out already. my head wasn't in it, b ut my body did a decent job, considering it was on autopilot.

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